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Creating a Protocol, Decentralization & Long Term Goals

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What's the role of the founding company in the protocol?

Bepro.Network is being developed by TAIKAI SA, a Portuguese Company founded in 2018 and funded by some of the best Portuguese VCs, as well as European Funding for Emerging Technologies in Compete 2020, a European Union ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ Tech Program.

Our goal with Bepro.Network is focused on one simple motto:

Create a place where code is public, accessible, and built for decentralization

Our goal is to make sure:

  • We create the marketplace "Network" version v1 followed by upcoming years of updates & R&D to constantly improve the utility and usefulness of the Codebase;

  • We develop the initial and basic structures for systems such as bepro-js, betprotocol sdk and other libraries that power the "Network" use cases;

  • We ensure decentralized funding/grants with the proceeds intended for this purpose as well as power the development of internal projects, libraries and technical support for all things;

  • We create a base community of developers/projects that use, understand and utilize BEPRO for the management of disputes within the bounties distribution framework, and general network management.

The company won't take any rent fees on the marketplace of any kind, being completely independent - we will only be one of the developers/maintainers of the protocol and its subsequent issues/bounties to be developed.


Ownership Explanation

Bepro Network Protocol - Fully decentralized permissionless smart contracts on Moonbeam Network.

Bepro Network Web Network Interface (App) - Open source code base., as well as the subdomains, are TAIKAI SA owned domains that point to a hosted instance of the Bepro Network Web Network Interface that follows restrictions explained here.

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