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BEPRO Tokenomics - Know more about where to use your BEPRO

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To put it simply, your $BEPRO works as a decentralized development Governance utility token inside the bepro network codebase and protocol - use them now and join over 100 Curators!

BEPRO is used as a curation mechanism and a settlement & dispute system in the network - this is what you can in the version 1 of the protocol deployed in Moonriver :

  • Make Payments - Use your BEPRO to pay for features/updates on the BEPRO-js Framework and other external frameworks;

  • Propose Distributions (Council) - Only users with +25M $BEPRO - Use your $BEPRO to create bounty distributions within the Network and take a 3% fee for all the distributions accepted by the curators, the rest of 97% will be distributed for the developers proposed.

  • Curate the Distributions (Curator) - Use your $BEPRO to dispute bounty distributions between developers and "earn rewards" (soon);

Besides the rewards mentioned for Council, all protocol users performing any action will earn $BEPRO protocol rewards by helping test and ensure decentralization of the network usage and protocol codebase - meaning developers, payments, curators and councils, more can be found here

Token Utility Enhancement in v2 of the Protocol

What is being updated for v2 - will be deployed in Moonbeam

  • Payments - Will remain as is

  • Curators

    • Propose Distributions (Council) - Propose Distributions for the bounties (will remain as is)

    • Curate the Distributions (Curator) - Dispute distributions (will remain as is)

    • Collate your $BEPRO (Collator) - Collate/Borrow your $BEPRO against bounties to get visibility in the network (similar to voting about the feature you believe is most relevant) and receive a % of the bounty based on relative collation of the same bounty, once the bounty is finalized your $BEPRO becomes available again for a new collation

  • Protocol Governance - The second version of the protocol will have on-chain governance for

    • Change the percentage (%) of the "Council" fee

    • Change the minimum amount of "Council" $BEPRO necessary to make distributions (initial set at $25M)

    • Change the percentage (%) of the "Collation" fee

    • Change the minimum amount of "Collation" $BEPRO necessary to make collations (initial set at 10k $BEPRO)

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