Ecosystem Development

How we are enabling the growth of the BEPRO Technology Ecosystem

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We are growing the developer ecosystem and adoption of the protocol by creating incentives to empower the use of our protocol through grants or direct funding into the operating costs of developing protocol/SDK updates

Here we present our goals in 3 areas:

  • Integration of Bepro-js SDK into more apps;

  • Usage of the Protocol by developers and operators;

  • The general reach of the Protocol to more entities and possible protocol developers & curators.

We decided to use incentive systems in both of these areas by creating incentives in :

  • Grants - Creating awareness and no risk for operators to test and use our technology and protocol (EUR, USDC & BEPRO);

  • Protocol Rewards - Creating a system where users and curators of the protocol receive rewards by participating in the protocol (USDC & BEPRO);

  • Other actions that we believe can lead to more adoption and quality awareness.

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