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BEPRO Token & Tokenomics
BEPRO Tokenomics & Distribution Schedule
BEPRO Tokenomics & Distribution Schedule

Know more about the BEPRO Tokenomics

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You can find the Tokenomics & Distribution Schedule here

Long Term Network Fund (2.575B $BEPRO; 25% of the supply) started unlocking Dec 2021, and these tokens will be used for :

  • Protocol Rewards (1B $BEPRO)

    • Ensuring Council, Curators, Bounty Creators and any interaction with the BEPRO Network Protocol results in user rewards, benefiting early users - 500M $BEPRO for v1 and 500M $BEPRO for v2 - this will mean 10% of the supply will end up in the hands of future community curators/council of the network ensuring real usage and understanding of all its future

  • Bounty Placement (1B $BEPRO)

  • Internal Reserve for LayerX Labs (500M $BEPRO)

    • LayerX Labs Allocation, Payments, Internal Reserve

Others :

Ecosystem (Marketing, Ecosystem, Rewards) - Either in $BEPRO or liquidated to be used in payments to third parties, grants, gamification rewards, community rewards, liquidity rewards, and more

Developer Bootstrap Fund - Either in $BEPRO or liquidated to be used in internal development costs, grants, development payments, bounties, and more.

Next unlocks are June 1st 2022, September 1st 2022 and finally December 1st 2022 where all 10B tokens are technically unlocked.

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