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BEPRO Protocol
The Bepro Network Protocol
The Bepro Network Protocol

The Network: decentralize your efforts, empower your community

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With you don't need a big team to start building your products and applications. You will be able to leverage the power of decentralization to engage, as needed, with a talented community of developers and manage your development and open issues within a single platform.

Bepro Network is an infrastructure where bepro-js is a showcase of how the network can be used. This will allow you to decentralize & outsource the development of your open-source systems by providing a dispute/settlement system managed by holders of BEPRO, (an ERC20Token) in a decentralized & outsource-focused framework where 3 components come into play:

  • Github Wrapper - To connect to your Github repository (the one you want to outsource);

  • Web App - To allow you to open issues, bounties and be able to manage and overview all your repository information;

  • Decentralized Dispute/Settlement Mechanism - A solidity Infrastructure deployed on the Moonbeam Network, where the dispute/settlement infrastructure is defined.

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