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What is the Bepro.Network?
What is the Bepro.Network?

Bepro.Network, the Protocol and Web3 API

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The Network is a decentralized marketplace protocol system that connects developers with operators: anyone looking to build open-source development repositories.

Here you can request features for your open-source tool, and take advantage of all the BEPRO Network management tools:

  • Easier Feature Process Opening for Projects & Managers

  • Automated Distribution of Bounty Rewards (more than 1 developer)

  • Provide a % of the bounty directly to reviewers of the issue

  • Agnostic Dispute/Resolution system in case developers & operators disagree on issue finalization or bounty distributions

  • Easier Overview for Developers of all the issues worked on & bounties received

  • Easier Overview for Projects of all bounty distributions

Bepro-js SDK is a Web3 API used for Gaming, Prediction Markets, DeFi and more - this framework will be maintained via the Bepro Network Protocol.

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