How to Open an Issue?

Create an Issue under the Protocol

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In order to create an issue, you have to go through a couple of different steps.

1. Click Create Issue: You can create an issue via the "Create Issue" button.

2. Connect GitHub & Metamask: After that, you’ll have to connect your GitHub account and make sure you link your MetaMask address with your GitHub account.

3. Edit Issue Information: After GitHub and MetaMask are connected, you’ll then be able to edit the information about the issue. You can add a title and description.

  • Suggestion: Make the title easy to read and include as much detail as possible in the description.

4. Set the bounty: After that, you'll have to set the amount of BEPRO you’ll want to provide for the bounty/issue.

5. Approve & Create: After you decided on the title, description, and bounty value, you must click approve and, after the approval is done, you’re ready to create the issue.

And that’s it. Your issue is created and ready to be addressed by the developers in the network.

Note that if you change your mind you'll still have 3 days to withdraw the bounty. After that the bounty will be definitely locked in the smart contract.

You can also see a detailed video of the process below:

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