Using the Protocol

How to use the protocol?

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Now that the protocol is launched and everything is ready, a few actions will be needed from your side to use the app and receive rewards based on development or curation of development

1 - Install Metamask

Here you can find how to install Metamask and how to use it!

2 - Connect your Github & Register!

See our article regarding registering here

Once you are in, there are 4 roles you can play :

  • Operator - Spend your $BEPRO for new features over the network repositories

  • Developer - Receive $BEPRO by being part of the development of the feature

  • Holder - Lock your $BEPRO to dispute Council Decisions and receive $BEPRO rewards*

  • Council (25M $BEPRO) - Lock your $BEPRO to Curate the Network and receive a % of the distributions

*Retroactive rewards for holders is being worked on and will be available in Q1/Q2 2022

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