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How to lock your $BEPRO and use it as Oracles
How to lock your $BEPRO and use it as Oracles

Stake your BEPRO in the Network to use it - BEPRO Tokenomics

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By Locking your $BEPRO in the Protocol, you will be able to use it as Oracles for Curation within the Protocol. You can then keep your Oracles or delegate them to someone ( check more details here )

If you hold +25M locked $BEPRO you will be a member of "Council" which will allow you to propose Distributions to Developers whenever the Operator decided the features are finalized and +1 Pull Request is available

Locking your $BEPRO

The process to lock your BEPROs is very simple:

1. Open your Account: First navigate to your account, clicking on your address on the top-right corner of the page

2. Approve: Go to 'My oracles' and click 'Approve' to authorize the use of the tokens by the protocol

3. Lock: Then input the BEPRO amount and after this, you may now lock your tokens by clicking 'Lock BEPRO'

Congratulations, you're done and you've locked your BEPRO!

You can see a detailed video of the process below:

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