How to Delegate Oracles? - BEPRO Tokenomics

Delegate your Oracles to allow another user to use them while you collect the distribution/dispute fees

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In this article, we cover how you can delegate $BEPRO to other users.

Why delegate $BEPRO

You can delegate $BEPRO in situations where you want to keep your tokens, but you don't want to be actively engaged in the council. Delegating your tokens means trust someone else to represent you in the Council.

This way you keep your tokens but you also allow them to keep being used in the network. This means that your BEPRO will be used by other users for curating or creating distributions, but you benefit by keeping the fees that are affected to you on any distribution.

How to delegate $BEPRO

In order to delegate your $BEPRO the process is very simple:

1. Access your account: To do so, navigate to your account by clicking on your address.

2. Open your Oracles: Click on My Oracles and insert an Oracles Amount.

3. Select the user you're delegating: Insert the Delegation Address of another user on the network, so then you complete the process

4. Delegate: just click on Delegate. Well done, you've delegated your Oracles!

You can also see a detailed video explaining the process below:

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