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How to get BEPRO token on Moonriver
How to get BEPRO token on Moonriver
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There are currently two ways of getting BEPRO on Moonriver:

  1. Acquiring it directly in a Decentralized Exchange

  2. Bridge BEPRO from Ethereum to Moonriver Network

Below, we'll cover briefly the two options.

1) Acquire on a Decentralized Exchange

On a DEX you can buy BEPRO directly swapping it directly with any existing pair.

As an example you can use SushiSwap and trade it on the MOVR/BEPRO pair.

Important: You MUST guarantee that you're connected to the Moonriver network and that you hold MOVR (Moonriver's native coin) in your wallet.
You can learn more about Moonriver here, and see how you can get MOVR here.

2. Bridge BEPRO from Ethereum to Moonriver Network

Briding BEPRO is a good option if you already hold BEPRO tokens in the Ethereum Network and want to use those same tokens in the Moonriver network.

Using a Bridge, you'll basically transfer those tokens from one network to the other. They will be taken out of circulation in the Ethereum Network, and transferred to Moonriver.

In order to perform the bridging, we suggest using

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to & connect Wallet

Go to and connect your wallet

Step 2: Choose Network

Choose Moonriver Mainnet as “To” Network

Step 3: Select Origin & Destination

Choose Ethereum in the “From” section on top, BEPRO as the token, and select Moonriver as the destination.

Then, insert the number of tokens you want to send from one Network to the other.

Step 4: Start Transfer.

Allow to use your BEPRO. You’ll get the following Metamask popup — You’ll only need to perform this step once.

Step 5: Confirm the transaction.

You’ll get the following screen while the transaction awaits confirmation.

And that's it!

After transaction confirmation, the tokens will make their way onto Moonriver through Meter’s bridge.

The process requires 25 block confirmations for the bridge deposit transaction on the Ethereum side, which may take 6 to 10 minutes. You can read all about it on Meter’s documentation.

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